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“Paolo Barbieri, historical president of Logital”

Logital has been synonymous with innovation, research, development and reliability for over 30 years.

In 1989, 3 Electronic Engineers from Bologna founded the company and a few months later delivered the first industrial automation project. From that moment, the skills acquired have enabled the company to create a structure capable of responding 360 degrees to the customer’s needs.

The advantages of working with LOGITAL derive from an in-depth knowledge of the sectors of intervention and the focus of each individual structure or internal division on customer expectations, as well as the ability to combine software development skills with the design and programming of embedded hardware.

The reference sectors areCentralisation and monitoring of security and building automation data, where with GUARDIAN is at the top of the market.

Park automation, where Logital has become a SKIDATA reference partner;

Access control, pedestrian and vehicular, where the offer includes solutions based on new technologies such as: biometric (fingerprint, facial recognition), RFID mifare and UHF.

Video analytics, for people counting and monitorings, vehicle classification, object and IPR presence verification and recognition, advertising and market research.

Body temperature measurement, from 2020 complete hardware and software solutions, to meet the needs of the changing world landscape.


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