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For more than 20 years, Logital has been operating on the market as a technology integrator.

During this period the acquired competences allowed to lead to a structure able to respond to 360 degrees to the needs of the customer, both in terms of the development of Software solutions, and with regard to the design and production of Hardware dedicated to the most complex needs.

The areas of reference are those of: centralization data on safety and building automation where, with the product GUARDIAN Logital is placed in a position of leadership on the national market, boasting references such as Telecom, which for more than 10 years It uses the product to control the safety and automation of its buildings and operational points throughout the country; Park automation, where Logital has become a reference partner of Skidata and access control, where solutions based on new technologies such as biometric (fingerprint, facial recognition), RFID, UHF and NFC (Near Field Communication) are offered.


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