Logital and Security is a consolidated partnership that puts our group at the forefront for the centralization of data and alarms deriving from physical systems.

The market Security is evolving and is increasingly demanding on the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, Logital is addressing this new industrial revolution by investing in its systems to refine the process improvement and interconnection of Security Systems.

With the GUARDIAN product through centralization, monitoring and access control, It aims to maximize resource savings, increase process efficiency and ensure high safety standards.

To date there are more than 5,000 centralized points in italy, the result of 25 years of continuous growth, Guardian is placed on the national and international market as a reference system for Centralization.

The ideal customer: planners, installers, private and public companies, banks, shopping malls, fairs, airports, ports.

Some of our references: TIM spa, Pirelli spa, Prysmian, BRT Corriere, ATM Metro Milano, British American Tobacco

Building Automation

Logital has always believed and invested in Building Automation in its most representative form: access control

Initially the access control was conceived only as an external passage to an area, to be overcome in order to access an event or to sensitive Areas.

In fact, fairs and stadiums were the first precursors in the diffusion of access control on a large scale.

Today the Building Automation is constantly growing and meets the needs of multiple realities: from the big company, to the condominium, to the small garage.

The safety of people is one of the recurring themes of recent years, and access control is the fundamental tool for achieving it.

From employees, to suppliers, to condominiums, to visitors, now every reality must amalgamate multiple streams of vehicles and people that, within increasingly smart and interconnected systems, must be monitored to optimize business processes and the User Experience.

To improve the automatisms between the people and the surrounding environment, be it the company where you work, your own condominium or a parking, guarantees to the users safety, practicality and efficiency.

The ideal customer: planners, installers, real estate, condominiums, private and public companies, campsites, hotels, Garages.

Some of our references: L’Oreal spa, Interbrennero, IGD spa, BRT Corriere, Immobiliare Sant’Anna, Unione Sarda, Immobiliare Europea SpA, Condominio Santa Gilla (CA), LIGHTHOUSE Spa

parking automation

Parking Automation

In large urban areas the high number of vehicles is still a problem, parking is never enough, for these reasons investing in these types of facilities can be the right choice to maximize Profits.

More and more are the realities like: hospitals, shopping malls, private companies, condominiums, which find themselves in a strategic area decide to invest in a paid parking automation, to provide an efficient service to private users (condominiums, employees, suppliers…) and get revenues through rotating users.

Logital accompanies the operators of the sector, but also those who for the first time faces the Parking Automation, in the choice of the best solution according to the reality that surrounds it, the common objective is to optimize the investment maintaining high standards of Quality.

The ideal Customer: car park manager, municipalities and municipalized, planners and installers, stadiums, hotels, Real estate, ski resorts, shopping and directional centres, airports, hospitals, exhibition centres, amusement parks, spas, museums.

Some of our references: APCOA, Metropark, Interparking, SABA, QUICK, AIM Vicenza, Airport Malpensa, Airport G. Marconi Bologna, Toscana Airports, Airport of naples-capodichino, Airports of Puglia, Marco Polo Airport Venice, Autostrada del Brennero, Immobiliare Europea SpA, Hospital Papa Giovanni Bergamo, Buzzi Milano Hospital, Esselunga, Despar, Citylife Milano, Generali Assicurazioni, Fiera Milano-RHO, Fiera Bologna , Bologna City Council.