The access control, whether vehicular or pedestrian, is aimed at optimizing business processes, increasing security levels, streamlining the flow of vehicles and people within an area, improving the User Experience and why not their own image.

Logital proposes a scalable system: based on what is already present in the structure, and what is really necessary we can deal with the different levels of integration, we realize custom projects that are an added value for the Manager.

The customer does not have to worry about involving dozens of companies, choosing logital Six protected at 360 °:

  • Analysis
  • Inspection
  • Design
  • Technical and Economical offers
  • Installation
  • Testing and Training
  • After sales: service, maintenance and spare parts

As a system Integrator we entrust ourselves to the best operators on the market, because a technically inefficient access control system at 100% represents an investment in losing, here are some of our partners: SKIDATA, Axess, DAHUA, Selea, SAIMA, Nedap , Apromix, KABA, FAAC.

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What do we do

Guardian access: management software for access control

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Guardian access is the new generation Logital access control software, which allows the user complete independence on the type of device (reader) to be used on the Gates.

Guardian Access is equipped with all the features typical of the advanced access control, and thus allows a complete profiling of accesses.

You can define categories of users to whom you assign custom access Profiles.

These profiles can include both Geography-type constraints (gates where access is possible) and a temporal type (hours, days, months in which access is possible), and complex concatenations can be performed.

The architecture includes a server control unit connected to an EtherNet network to a series of controllers near the gates (SGW4) directly connected to the readers.

Case History

Vehicle access

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Logital is able to provide a complete vehicle access control system to allow the “handsfree” Telepass-style transit to all authorized Users.

The system can be STAND ALONE in its version with pre-coding (badge, transponder) or CENTRALIZED and then managed by the Guardian Access Software.

The gates are piloted by the controller SGW4, which connects the reader/antenna and on the other side opens the passage (gate, barrier, gate, etc…).

This solution is ideal for parking with fixed users such as employees, residents, suppliers, visitors etc… and more generally for all those structures that do not require a time-rate payment and rotating Users.

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Pedestrian access

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Besides the vehicular access control, Logital also takes care of the pedestrian control according to the same logic of STAND ALONE or CENTRALIZED Operation.

Thanks to the long experience in this field Logital has outlined a scalable offer that goes from software architecture only (to integrate hardware already present), to the supply of the controllers and the reading heads, to the complete system of turnstiles, barriers and gates.

All systems are integrated and interconnected in order to be for the operator a single system easy to use and maintain.

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