Optimize processes and improve customer experience

Airports, stations, shopping centers, supermarkets, shops, museums are just a few examples of places where it is essential to keep visitor flows under control. Having precise quantitative information updated in real time on the number of entrances and exits from different areas as well as times of crossing or staying in some areas, allows to optimize the spaces. The measurement of waiting times allows you to react in real time to changes, adjusting support staff to decrease queues and thus increase visitor satisfaction.

Aircount uses Time of Flight sensors: they allow to detect the presence and movement of people with extreme precision.

The analysis software algorithms are able to interpret the crossing direction, to distinguish the input and output data.

The small dimensions (188x58x42 mm) make the installation of the system simple in every context, adapting itself to the existing conditions.

The sensor used by Aircount can be integrated into existing structures or installed in ad hoc systems to facilitate counting operations.


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