Logiscan Cargo CONTOUR

The Logiscan-Cargo range provides to operators of the airports for the control of the weight and dimensions of the goods / pallet that have to be shipped.

Logiscan-Cargo CONTOUR uses a series of two-dimensional laser scanners synchronized with each other to obtain a point cloud with an accuracy of 2 centimeters.

The software, through a real-time processing, is able to highlight any excess of weight and size from the parameters set.

Logiscan-Cargo CONTOUR can be supplied both in the complete version (measuring bridge + roller conveyor) and in the OEM version (measuring bridge only), capable of being installed on any existing roller conveyor.

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Logiscan Cargo VOLUME

Logiscan Cargo VOLUME uses TOF (Time Of Flight) cameras, synchronized with each other, to obtain a point cloud with the three-dimensional scanning of the goods / pallet.

The software, through a procedure in real time, calculates the “bounding box” with an accuracy of 2 cm.

Logiscan Cargo VOLUME has an aluminum structure to be placed at a height varying between 3 and 6 meters, depending on the maximum volume that must be measured

the structure has been developed to minimize any type of vibration and can be adjusted for a precision calibration of both the positioning of the portal and the alignment of the measurement sensors.

The quality of the structure guarantees minimum periodic maintenance.

immagine logiscan cargo volume

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