Many of the collaborations and products of Logital arise from requests for integration and personalization, over the years we have never lost the philosophy of System Integrator; each new project is a challenge that, thanks to many years of experience, as well as the advancement of technology, still allows us to give life to winning solutions and to standardize lines of products born from an idea, from a sketched need of a customer or during a meeting.

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The resourcefulness and curiosity are the engine that pushes us to never stop, innovation is our daily life, the goal is to achieve something that is an added value for the customer and that makes us proud.

We are a homogeneous team, in constant comparison and collaboration, a customer is like a partner that we follow in every phase, from consultancy to installation with the utmost flexibility, virtue now rare.

For the maximum efficiency in logital we recreate the environments typical of our Installations.

Thanks to these DEMO’s we are able to develop and test customized solutions that provide technology vendors with a competitive edge on the market and end customers a level after sales service that can intervene on a specific reality with improvements, additions and modifications.

There are no limits to technological development, there are no obstacles that competence and professionalism can not overcome.

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