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The advent of artificial intelligence on small processing modules has opened up the market to the possibility of performing advanced analysis on video streams from common and amateur CCTV type cameras. This development was simply unthinkable just a few years ago.

MatrixOne was born out of this market demand and lack of available similar products in the market. MatrixOne makes possible for any user to collect data from image processing, which is fundamental for understanding the performance of their site and organizing management and processes in the best possible way.

The focus of this product is to increase the efficiency of management and monitoring several aspects such as: Marketing, Security, Digital Signage, Customer Satisfaction, Parking Experience, Video Surveillance, Traffic Analysis…

Logital, as System Integrator, develops ad hoc projects on specific integration, management and monitoring requests.

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MatrixOne ecosystem

MatrixOne is divided into MxO Heatmap, for the visualization of heat maps related to presences or dwell times; into MxO Cluster (release 2022), for statistical analysis on Gender and Age of individuals; into MxO Traffic (release 2022), for traffic analysis and vehicle classification; and into MxO Security (release 2022) for people counting, anti-assembly and control of restricted areas.

The algorithms are constantly evolving and therefore Logital is able to evaluate customized video analysis projects to meet a specific need.

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