MatrixOne brings you into the digital revolution!

MatrixOne HeatMap makes possible for any user, through the “HeatMap module”, to collect data from the processing of HeatMaps. The type of collected data would include the identification of the presence and the length of stay of people in the covered area. This is very fundamental in understanding the situation in the area and in better organizing the processes to be followed to effectively manage or control the situation at any particular time at the user’s area (Retail).

MatrixOne was designed to assess the implementation of user’s existing work-flow processes.  It shall help to improve the efficiency of the user’s operational store strategies, as well as the store’s appeal to clients. It may also assist in determining the effectiveness of user’s marketing activities.

With this, the User will have a tool that allows them to capitalize on real-time data and related processes. For many, these data and processes were not taken in consideration in the past due to prohibitive costs and/ or lack of pertinent technology.

MatrixOne was created to be Device Independent.

This means that the user does not need to purchase any specific specialized hardware/camera. He can even make use of any camera in any existing CCTV architecture for to use MatrixOne.

For each person detected by MatrixOne, the Video Analytics algorithm shall automatically track said person by assigning a UNIQUE CODE to him. In this manner, each person, who enters and stays in within the view/scope of MatrixOne, shall be read and analyzed only once.

In this way, each person who enters and stays in the visual field of MatrixOne is analyzed only once.

This relevant data is saved in a database on the statistics server. However, photos or videos are never saved during processing.

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