Our systems are the added value needed nowadays to maintain the State-of-the-art car park, to improve itself thanks to technological development.

The end customer, the motorist, needs safety and reliability, to be able to take advantage of an efficient service and to cover a range of needs in continuous growth.

Everything that is obsolete, old, outdated does not attract “the eye of the customer”, today more than ever influenced by technology, and with a sensitivity quite different from the past to the world of Automation.

For this reason, Logital realizes “custom solutions“, customised according to the type of parking and the reality that surrounds it.

We collect every new need, every challenge and find the best product or Solution.

In addition to the main products described in the site we are able to offer different solutions tested and installed in the Field:

  • LogiPARKING, total/free/occupied places extraction and connection to scoreboards
  • LogiACCESS, “hands free” Access with transponders of different technologies
  • LogiCONTRACT, integration with third party players and securities
  • LogiSMS, interlacing with SMS payment systems

Logital, thanks to its laboratory, develops ad hoc hardware and software solutions.

Tell us your idea or talk to us about your need, the Logital team will follow you in the analysis and design to reach the best Solution.

Case History