The LogiPLATE system proposed by Logital for the automatic reading of the plates is based on Selea technology, and integrates in a compact external container with protection degree IP 66 all the components necessary for the recognition and decoding of the license Plates.

The shooting devices are equipped with functions, unique in their kind, that make visible a plaque even if the photographic image results, to the human eye, dark, if not even unreadable: high definition, anti-glare, anti-glare, anti-creep, anti-dirt, anti-shade, correction deteriorated characters, multi Exposure.

The recognition of the characters carried out on board the camera guarantees a greater reading precision (higher than 30-40%) compared to the PC Based systems, this because the recognition of the characters on the camera is done on pure images (raw images Of the Sensor) free from multiple compression disturbances (Jpeg, MPEG4 or H264).

Today Logital monitors hundreds of tracks, each with its characteristics, we thoroughly know the product and we put in the field all our experience to realize an efficient work in front of the stringent parameters of the cameras that need a Serious design work in order not to risk realizing an inefficient plant.

immagine interfaccia logiplate
immagine colonnina logiplate
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