In recent years the car park has become more and more included in contexts like hotels and commercial galleries, from here arose the need to facilitate customers who, exploiting the comfort of parking, consumed, bought or used a service of activities Business related to the structure.

The solution? Apply a convention to the parking ticket, defined by the operator, through a thermal stamping on it.

The use of the “convention stamps” is now superseded by the evolution of technology, which allows to send the system the code of the discount applied via computer data, so that the customer, appearing in manual or automatic cash, will be recognized as the holder of a discount, and the requested amount will automatically take into account the discounted discount (electronic convention).

The new solution has considerable advantages over the classic stamp such as: the absence of routine maintenance, no risk of wrong reading or “dirty stamp” and the operation became faster.

Centralization with a management software, equipped with interface, allows to not see the product only as a convention to be applied, but to expand the system to create real commercial networks and marketing being able to arrive to merchants distributed on the territory and being able to equip itself with multi-tasking hardware capable of interacting with social and users.

Case History