The Sonic-Park solution is a complete car seat management system which, thanks to the possibility of detecting the presence of every single car through the ultrasonic sensor and its ability to converse with a mainframe, allows an immediate availability of free seats, thanks to the powerful led traffic lights of which the sensors are equipped, with an optical capacity that allows an immediate detection even at distances of more than 100 meters.

The central management system, moreover, directs the driver to the free place through the shortest possible route, reducing the traffic in the parking plans and making the enjoyment of the stop to motorists more comfortable.

The Sonic-Park solution is complete with various features available both for the operator of the system and for the customer, the flexibility makes it accessible for most types of plant allowing to equip itself with a product that today more than ever It represents a very impactant image service, especially towards the final customer, who rightly sees in the system a fundamental ally in order to better live the parking experience.

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