GUARDIAN Thermocam is the physical security module dedicated to the detection and measurement of body temperature of one or more people, with a high level of accuracy necessary to detect with certainty any fever states.

The fundamental differences, compared to any other proposal on the market and especially compared to the native stand alone systems of some devices are:

  • MultiHardware: we do not impose a specific product, we have a complete range of thermodevices of the most important international manufacturers, it is possible to centralize a heterogeneous range of hardware in order to install in your building the most suitable device for the necessary application.

  • Guardian Thermocam software interface for advanced metadata management:

    • visualization and centralization under a single platform of alarms and signals
    • interactive and customizable synoptics (maps)
    • distribution layout on several monitors
    • automatic location and display of cameras following an event
    • database, data historicization and statistics
    • Privacy Management: complete customisation in data management, archiving and display for continuous compliance with GDPR regulations and individual trade union requirements

The thermal devices


The integrated thermal imaging cameras, ideal for a free flow of people, are able to detect up to 30 people simultaneously and, through the thermal optics, measure the face temperature (the most suitable) and transform it into the body temperature with an absolute accuracy of ±0.5° (reducible to ± 0.3°C with Blackbody installation).

In doors and turnstiles, but not only, the thermotablet becomes functional, compact and suitable for access control, integrated or stand-alone.


Guardian Thermocam provides security operators with the ThermocamAPP, which streamlines system management thanks to its intuitive interface.

icona thermocam
Main functionalities:
  • PUSH notification following an event (alarm)

  • Display alerts and alarms

  • Viewing snapshots and/or movies

  • Management and taking charge of the report

app thermocam