GUARDIAN Analytics makes it possible for its users to perform advanced video control and analysis tasks, ranging from counting things or people, to checking the presence of objects, to the analysis of anomalous situations, such as gatherings or presence in restricted areas.

GUARDIAN Analytics allows the user to create a system that does not need to be manned, and is independently capable of:

  • deny access to an opening

  • send an alert to an operator

  • store and display all information about the event

The Analytics technology can be adopted as a stand-alone system, and can also be combined with the Thermocam system for temperature measurement, in order to be a single system that is easy for the operator to manage and maintain.


The technology


Guardian Analytics uses the latest generation technology, through its dedicated GPUs, specifically designed to optimise computational density, energy efficiency and AI inference capabilities on peripheral devices.

It is the new evolution of intelligent machines, with full autonomous capabilities. Applications have no inherent limitations, and all types of control can be addressed through system training.

People counting and anti-assembly



Possibility to perform real-time counting of people, both on crossing points for monitoring incoming and outgoing flows from gates, and in defined areas to perform queue analysis or anti-assembly control. Control of presence in prohibited areas.

Control of personal safety devices

Real-time presence control of:

  • mask

  • helmet

  • safety equipment

controllo dispositivi di sicurezza


Guardian Video Analytics has a special Operator APP to make system management even more streamlined, intuitive and practical.

The designated person (security operator) can download the application and register their device to view all the information in real time wherever they are. The objective is to guarantee rapid intervention and punctual communication, necessary to avoid the spread of the disease and return infections.

icona video analytics
Main functionalities:
  • PUSH notification following an event (alarm)

  • Reports and events via SMS and MAIL

  • Live camera streaming

  • Reporting management