The MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT module optimizes the frequency of maintenance (cleaning, consumables management, scheduled maintenance) in areas with a high number of users, such as toilets.

This feature improves the efficiency of maintenance intervention teams who will work only where and when needed. the use of MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT cancels the concept of preventive inspection.

This module consists of sensors for the bidirectional count of people and has a precision of 98%, even in the case of transit of several people at the same time.

The sensors can be flush-mounted or surface mounted.

The sensor data are centralized, through the data network, to the GUARDIAN Maintenance Management module.

The module allows, for each area, to define counting thresholds that indicate the need for intervention; it also allows the personal data management of the single operators to whom the message must be forwarded.

It is possible to equip the areas of interest with RF-Id readers, to allow operators to confirm the activities.