Having accurate and updated information in real time on the number of entrances and exits of people from different areas and their times of crossing or staying in some areas, allows us to understand how visitors move and what are the most popular areas. The measurement of waiting times allows you to react in real time to changes, adjusting support staff to decrease queues and thus increase visitor satisfaction.

The PEOPLE COUNT Module uses the latest generation of sensors based on Time of Flight technology that allow the detection of the presence and movement of people within the field of vision with extreme precision. The analysis software algorithms are able to interpret the crossing direction, to distinguish the data of the inputs and those of the outputs.

The small sensor dimensions (188x58x42 mm) make the installation of the system simple in every context. The module can be integrated into existing structures or installed in plants created ad hoc to facilitate counting operations.

The People Count module provides the user with a dashboard that contains all the information about the sensors: their location, the counts performed, the queued people in real time.