It is the module dedicated to the safety of GUARDIAN that operates in compliance with the CEI 79 regulations, allowing the total and bi-directional management of the physical security systems.

Thanks to the PHYSICAL SECURITY module it is possible to control any type of security system, such as burglar alarm, fire protection, perimeter, technological.

The communication is native with the various security systems and in the case of proprietary protocol, it is able to interface with the SGW4-EVO device, using the local serial (RS232 or RS485) and implementing the proprietary protocol for conversion to CEI 79. An SGW4-EVO module is provided for each alarm center to be monitored.

The device can be powered directly from the alarm center and can be inserted inside the security panel located on the site to be monitored.

The SGW4-EVO device will communicate with GUARDIAN KERNEL through standard market communications, such as Ethernet and WIFI with TCP / IP protocol, Mobile (GPRS, 3G, LTE NB1) and LoRa with radio protocol.

  • modulo SGW4-EVO