This is the module for managing the cameras installed in the areas to be monitored.

The module is able to interface all the typical video surveillance devices:

  • Digital video recorders DVR, NVR
  • IP cameras
  • Video server
  • Video matrices

Thanks to this module it is possible to view live and recorded images of all the cameras inside the controlled area.

The Control Room operator can request images directly from the map on the graphic interface in a simple and intuitive way.

When an alarm occurs, such as a break-in, a fire or an unauthorized access attempt, the VMS automatically recalls the images of the camera associated with the sensor. The operator can perform the time search on the recorded images to search the video sequence that determined the alarm event.

Using the pan and tilt controls from the console, you can recall presets and zoom in on a dome camera.

The images are presented on the operator station or on the Videowall matrix.