Guardian Thermocam

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In compliance with the decrees and regulations already present on the subject, but which will certainly multiply in the coming months, especially to allow public and private entities to be ready and reactive in case of a new wave of Coronavirus, in particular Covid-19, Logital provides Guardian Thermocam, the security module for the detection and measurement of body temperature integrated in the PSIM Guardian platform of Logital production.

Guardian Thermocam is natively Multi-Hardware, not being bound to a specific product, but being equipped with all the libraries of the best performing thermal imaging cameras on the market today, such as Sunell and Hikvision and can therefore also be integrated into existing solutions.

The monitoring software

Guardian Thermocam, with its user interface that is the result of 20 years of experience in the security and monitoring sector, makes the control work immediate and remote in any equipped centre. The modules specifically developed for mobile devices (ThermoAPP), allow operators in the field to receive all the information necessary for the intervention, such as coordinates of the points, images or video of the attempted access.


The Thermal Imaging Camera


The integrated thermal imaging cameras are able to detect up to 30 people simultaneously and, through the thermal optics, measure the face temperature (the most suitable) and transform it into body temperature with an absolute accuracy of ±0.5° (can be reduced to ± 0.3°C with Blackbody installation).

One-to-One Control

Thermal control does not only apply to the flow of people, in fact it may be necessary to provide one-to-one installations that allow the installation of devices also on board access control instruments such as turnstiles or doors.

Logital offers, integrated in its systems, the GANZ thermal terminal, brand of the CBC Europe srl group.

Based on infrared thermal imaging technology and deep learning algorithms, it has fast recognition speed, high accuracy and rapid acquisition of facial temperature with subsequent signalling of detected fever states.

In addition, the system recognizes and reports people without a mask (PPE).


Guardian Thermocam has a special Operator APP to make the system management even more streamlined, intuitive and practical.

The designated person (security operator) will be able to download the application and register their device to view all the information in real time wherever they are. The aim is to ensure rapid intervention and timely communication, necessary to avoid the spread of the disease and return contagions.        

Main functionalities:
  • PUSH notification following an event (alarm)

  • Reports and events via SMS and MAIL

  • Live camera streaming

  • Signal management